Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What Do You Do When You Blood Runs Cold?

There is and has been such an incredible build up in my brain... I feel as though I can not tap into certain parts of my brain.. Not like I used to be able to.
I can most vividly describe this feeling like... I cannot reach a part of my back that is itchy.
I find that it is much easier to lose my train of thought... I can't seem to focus as easily as I used to be able to. I find it too easy to forget the next step of a process that I am currently working on... Don't get me wrong, I can still function.. Day to day activities are still progressing per usual (or as far as I can remember) however, I do find it easier to forget the petty things. I forget that I need to get something from the grocery store. I can't study certain subjects, and in those same classes, I can't seem to focus and absorb the information. Although I do not have a burning interest in that subject, I still can't seem to absorb the material that I'm presented.

If you're in need of inspiration, Bon Iver can probably provide the inspiration you need. Warning, his music does not put you in a good mood...

Moving on...
I'm sipping a dark and oily cup of coffee courtesy of a French Press from a local coffee shop. Wow it tastes like a watery mess. I understand that I'm more accustomed to a rich, dark and almost.. hearty cup of coffee; but this is not even coffee to me - it is just water with coffee silt in it.
If I was a total douche, I'd return this... But it's just a few bucks, and I've been sitting here for a few hours..(this is my second purchase) I do have intentions to come back, without the ugly cloud of guilt floating above my head.

Maybe if I continue blogging, and ventilating my feelings.. I'll be able to function fully again.
It's as though my brain has allergies.

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