Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Treatable Depression

Depression is no stranger to human kind... It has struck famous historical figures including famous artists (Edgar Allen Poe and Vincent Van Gogh), famous celebrities (Kurt Cobain and Owen Wilson), and of course, the average joe. (not these average joes)
But what is depression anyways?
In my opinion, I believe depression is seen in two ways:
1) a physiological disorder that affects the endocrine and the nervous system. (hormone deficiency)
2) a personality disorder that can be dealt with via counseling and possible change in environment.
I strongly believe the physiological theory is accurate and through empirical means and patience (along with some counseling to deal with coping) depression can be combated and ultimately conquered.
I don't believe that the physiological disorder of depression is a randomly onset disorder in some cases. Many cases of depression can also be linked with substance dependence problems, anxiety disorders and just plain stress. (reference) It is no coincidence that all of these disorders can very possibly be found in a single individual; so what I'm trying to say is that it is possible for an individual to develop a hormone deficiency after a traumatic event that ultimately leads to anxiety, stress and depression.
But on the same note, it is also possible for an individual to sporadically develop the hormone deficiency.
In my eyes, mental disorders should be looked at as physiological disorders not just an incurable personality trait.
I was reading an article from Popular Science, that that ultimately inspired me to share my opinion... (granted, it is difficult for a patient with depression to look at anything in a different light...or any light)
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