Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goals....Carpe Diem

I've let too many things slip by. I've let too many things blow right by. I've allowed to many things to slip through my fingers. I've allowed too many opportunities get away. I've let the mat get pulled out from under me far too many times.
Is it economical to live on the safe side?
What do you have to live for, if you're living in the moment?
Can you live off of the thrill?
Can you live off of the fear of losing everything you have?

There are two extremes in life:
1) Living in the moment and fearing to lose nothing
2) Living in fear of losing everything.

What is the more economical way of living?


1) You learn to savor the beauties that life offers when you live in the moment. You learn to have fun, and let loose. Stress won't eat you alive.

2) Living in fear of losing everything allows you to savor what you have worked for. You cherish the memories that you have gained. But the stress of preserving everything will eat you alive.

Of course, these are only the extremes. There is a happy and healthy medium that everyone can get to.. but not everyone can get there within this lifetime. Some people lose it before they gain anything..

1) You have the tremendous potential to lose everything if you were to simply live on the edge.

2) You let life slip right by.

Sometimes you don't have the expenses to savor a life of luxury.
Sometimes you work yourself insane trying to preserve what you have earned and worked for.

Where's the medium?
maybe that's the answer to the meaning of life.

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