Sunday, March 4, 2012

Black Sheep

Ah, you may dress unconventionally, trendy, stylish, and exotically.. But you're no different than your cookie-cutter classmates. You act as catty, as rude, as inconsiderate as them. You snicker at those who act differently.. You look down upon those who think differently. You express yourself the same. You visually express yourself differently, but your thoughts are all the same. You're mean. You don't know it... but the way you treat others who choose to express themselves differently is mean.
We take up different hobbies than you, no need to be catty about it. Does it offend you?
The way we think... Does it offend you? Do we express it, and oppress you with it? I don't think so.

Why must you judge us so?
We all feel the same.
You may all act the same... but we have just as many feelings as you do.

Dance Yourself Clean by LCD Soundsystem

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