Sunday, November 6, 2011

Breakfast: Pancakes - Healthy

I like love breakfast. I actually love it even more when it's vegan. I love weekend vegan breakfasts the most.
Chillin in my jammies in the kitchen.... Anyways... This post is about pancakes.
Pancakes are like a blank canvas. You can make them banana pancakes (if you clicked that link, you should've seen that I've made banana pancakes before) or you can make them chocolate chip oat pancakes. You understand that they're so easy to change up. KERF made them healthy too, in her fiesta jacks.

You can also make them really healthy in a number of ways.
  1. Adding some Rolled Oats in it.
    - oats can add texture and more complex carbs to keep you fuller, longer. However if you don't like the texture of oats, I can suggest maybe soaking the oats in the almond milk and add it as a wet ingredients.
    ex) recipe calls for 1c Almond Milk and 1/4c Oats. Soak the Oats in the Almond Milk THEN add it with the rest of the wet ingredients (like apple sauce, eggs etc)

  2. Adding Apple Sauce, Pumpkin Puree or Pureed/mashed bananas keeps your WW pancakes moist.
    - Normally, WW pancakes can be hearty and too savory, but adding the applesauce, nanner or pumpkin will prevent it from tasting too hearty. Of course, it adds flavor....
    - Adding the above ingredients can also eliminate adding any sort of oil to your batter.
    - The above ingredients can also sub any sweetener.

  3. Water can be subbed for almond milk (cutting anywhere from 20-40cal, depending on serving size)

  4. I highly advise using Whole Wheat Flour.
    - If WW is too much for you, then I advise White Whole Wheat flour, it can ease you into the transition, and quite frankly, I have a difficult time noticing the difference between WW and White flour in my cooking.- Accordingly, other flours can be subbed (ex. spelt)

  5. You can add Protein Powder (Flavor of your choice) if you add more liquid to loosen the batter up accordingly.

Lucky for you guys, there is no evil Pancake Dictator to tell you what to do. So I hope you employ one or all of the tips up there, and live like you mean it.

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