Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Sorta Funny

Binge. Binge. Binge.
Learn. Learn. Learn.

It's funny, I never looked at my binges in a positive light, but hey - who would?
I was reading a blog post, and the blogger looked at her binge as a learning experience and she forgived herself for it. At the moment, I was pretty satisfied and envious that she could do so and I tried to employ that same concept onto my life. I mean that's why people blog right? To voice their opinions for others to learn?
You post recipes and workouts so others could read and try to utilize that back onto their own life. Right?
You post reviews about electronic gadgets so others could learn from that, and buy (or not buy) a product.
I suppose it should not be so simply put, but the general idea is in the books.
Anyways... I tried to forgive myself.. but I didn't learn. I would just do that again - or is that just exclusive to me? Until I started blogging, I never realized how apprehensive I sound, always questioning myself, everything. I find that so true to me... Silent questioning in all of its glory.

Anyways.. back to the topic, that being looking at binges positively.
I suppose this all reflects back onto how you learn. Do you learn in a positive or negative environment? Do you learn from a positive incentive? Or is it more effective to condemn a concept or activity in order for you to NOT complete the action?

I know that if I were to offer my dog an edible treat is a compelling reason enough for him to complete an action. However, if you were to strongly condemn an action or activity, it would not become more intriguing to me, but it would be more voodoo. But let's say you're a man, and you're slightly mysterious... Now that has got my ovaries pumping (or uterine contracting.. graphic, no?) I will stop now.

ONE MORE. In the same context as uterine contraction...
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I'm sure you all agree.

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