Monday, October 31, 2011

Cold Heart

Your cold heart and feet can be warmed with this warm meal adapted from Eating Bird Food's page.

Chickpea Curry Recipe

1c water

1 box mini heirloom tomatoes (half a TJ Box)

2 tsp curry powder

1 tsp cumin

1 tsp cinnamon


1 can Chickpeas

1 head Cauliflower

¼ onion diced

Butternut Squash (I used about a bag from TJ's)

Preheat your oven to 400F. Prepare a cookie sheet with seasoned butternut squash, onion and cauliflower. Stick the vegetables in the oven for 30min or until tender*.

While your vegs are cooking, bring 1cup of water to a boil with the heirloom tomatoes. Once your water and tomatoes are boiling, reduce it to a simmer(+).

Season the water and tomatoes liberally with salt and pepper. Rinse your chickpeas under water (RINSE THEM GOOD) and pat them dry. Toss them in the water (that should have been reduced) along with cinnamon, cumin and curry powder.

Are your vegs ready? Stick a fork in your butternut squash to make sure they're to your liking.

When your vegetables are ready, proceed with tossing them into your curry. And make sure they're all well incorporated (activate stirring). Toss them around nicely, then season again if needed.

Finally, you can serve now, or continue cooking together (it only gets better from here...unless your cauliflower gets mushy.) Just cook to your vegetable liking (i <3 texture)

Serve with...

  1. White/Brown Rice
  2. Ezekial Low Sodium Bread with Chutney/Jam (this is what I had)
  3. Quinoa (this is what I would've had)

*If you're like me, and you don't mind cooking everything together, I cook everything at once until the cauliflower gets tender, then I stick them in the pot together (regardless if the butternut squash is cooked). But if you'd prefer to get the roasty toasty taste, go ahead and roast the butternut squash first, for at least 20min then put the cauliflower in for another 10min then onions for another 5min, and everything should be cooked.

(+) Now would be the time for you to skin the tomatoes, they should peel nicely now.

(pictured here with tempeh, avocado and avocado smashed on an Ezekial toast)

Your meal is balanced, warm, and oozing with yums.

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