Saturday, October 8, 2011

Me Vs. The Pavement II

6 days later, I decided to challenge the pavement again. 6.41 mi in 1hr 2min. Looking to beat my time on a weekly basis. This morning it was 6:45am run, which was really great. Afterwards, I went shopping with my sister, aka the most amazing sister in the world.
Then I went to get supplies for vegan chocolate cupcakes for the next weekend, will include pictures later.
My day today...

6:45 - wake up get out of the house by 6:52
7:54 - back home with the dog.
9:22 - left to pick up my sister (after I enjoyed a green monster w/mango and strawberries)
10:22 - went shopping with the sister
12:44 - lunch with my sister. Ahi tuna tartare and veggie burger we shared.
3:44 - home for a snack. 1 half papaya and 1 half stuffed papaya with greek yogurt and granola
4:12 - caught up with the boyfriend and friend.
6:00 - home to rest
6:22 - dinner with the parents, sushi.
8:00 - semisweet chocolate fondue with the boyfriend.
11:37 - bed time, abdominal workout and physical therapy sesh.

saturday night relaxation. can't wait for tomorrow morning - waffles.
will include pictures.
until then, I will enjoy my white mint and lime tea and oatmeal cookie candle. yay.

thinking about signing up for the turkey trot. 10k probably!

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